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Deerhunter + World AIDS Day

December 1st, 2006 < by guava >

I didn’t realize today was World AIDS Day until I trampled through a vigil being held on UVA’s notorious lawn. It was pretty phenomenal seeing a couple of hundred students gathered while dusk crept over Charlottesville. With a fifty pound bookbag on I back, I paused and reflected for a moment. Ten seconds earlier my thoughts revolved around that bowl of Smart Start cereal waiting for me back at my dorm and how pissed I was that my umbrella broke in the rain. I felt ridiculous for being so unaware around what was going on around me. Anyway, it was a nice realization to experience.

Check out this incredible Special Essay entitled Red On Aids. Inspired by the color red, this photo essay features a track from Deerhunter’s new album Cryptograms (my no. 1 album of 2006).

+ scroll down to special essay: Red on AIDS Day

Email alert

November 16th, 2006 < by guava >

So check this. Amidst the thousands of dude-bros and uber-nerds at college, I have managed to come across a total euro-tard native to France. He’s a teaching assistant that enjoys writing bad poetry and showing me photos of his ex-girlfriend. Oh yeah, he also enjoys writing me daily emails that I read aloud to my roommate, which in turn spurs much laughter and bolts of fear within our freshman corpses.


i’m okay for friendship contact me as soon as you can and want

it would be nice to hear from you soon but i dont take it as an offense if you don’t

i’m just fucking angry about myself that i scare girls, especially you cos’ i dont bother too much about the others right now

you look more than your age but 19 is not so young anyhow

i really wanted you to know that you can be nice to me, without taking the risk of being raped, though i have a tendency to kiss girls easily

nevermind, maybe we can chat, even with an electronic distance

if you dont contact me soon, i think i will burn Wyoming and Montana


To babble and to coo once more.

September 29th, 2006 < by guava >

I am currently tucked away in the zoological records aisle listening to my favorite song in all of autumn. It is Friday evening and while many are enjoying their dining hall dinner, I am watching my reflection through a dirty window pane as I snap my fingers to the rhythm of the falling leaves. No one appears to be around! Only myself and Marvin.

Mavin Gaye | Inner City Blues | mp3

so long

May 24th, 2006 < by guava >

Dear Readers:

I am taking a life-long hiatus from Guava Maffiosa. Before I relinquish my blogger duties and retreat to a handful of rosemary and olive oil triscuits, I will leave you with a favorite mp3 of mine. May your life be full of fruition.


Smoke City | Underwater Love | mp3

Kissing: Jones Beach, 1981 [Joseph SZABO]

“i dont like emo, but emo likes me”

May 22nd, 2006 < by guava >

Today I thought I was shot during my nap, but it was only a man powerwashing my bedroom window. Twenty minutes later I went outside to collect the last of the May air and saw my father petting the dog we used to own for 2 days during Christmastime. My mother, not me, gave my friend (aka Horace, but now he is termed Charlie or something) back to the breeder after Horace accidentally chewed her new present, some chic beige carpeting. My jaw dropped when I was told Horace was the property of an insolent neighbor who I used to bicker with back in second grade at the before and after school program. I loved you more, Horace. I did. Still do. Always and 4 ever.

Now donate 42 seconds of your day to Miss Violetta Beauregarde. She’s the new Mu, except she’s not asian and I do not believe she was ever sold her body for $$$. I don’t know what she is, but if you like little debbie snack cakes or noisy electro beats, I think you will enjoy the following.

­MISS Violetta Beauregarde :

Biscuit Detective | mp3
Schlutzkra | mp3

Temporary Residence

why i enjoy…

May 18th, 2006 < by Zoo >

blue kool-aid: the electric blue color alone can settle any argument against it

buying records instead of paying utility bills: hot showers in this heat? you crazy.

hot chip: a group of goofy dudes who record music in a tiny room using any instruments they can while lacking any sort of pretentiousness that so many musicians have these days. they’ve proclaimed their sound to be similar to that of Public Enemy - which is agreeable as their beats are cluttered and organized all at once - while they also claim that their albums should be brimming with random ideas not unlike Pet Shop Boys. their lyrics are scattered with lamenting, heartfelt lovey-dovey ish, and chock full of hip-hop slizzang. check out their latest release “The Warning” and their video for “Over and Over” that i witnessed while eating perogies in my underpants this afternoon. boomblaas!

a bonus, their video for “Playboy” off of their 2003 release “Coming On Strong” that had me head over heels for these fellas.

James is kewel like a jewel!!

May 18th, 2006 < by guava >

So one time I was sitting on a dock in the Outer Banks while wearing knit shorts that were missing the drawstring–they weren’t mine. I broke the hammock at the beach house that caused a bloody laceration in my friend’s lower lip, therefore she was inside of the three story house bawling and I was left to billow in my wrong-doing. I could hear Jimmy Buffet streaming through the windows and man, I hate Jimmy Buffet. I ate a rice crispy in the dark and kicked some conches before I heading back inside for the eighth (or eighteenth?) game of scrabble that evening. This is when I began to itch. I came inside with not only rice crispy trash, but over twenty mosquito bites.

Today I have discovered two on my ankle in the alignment of what looks to be Dracula’s mack daddy insignia. The Mosque’s reign.

FOUR TET | No More Mosquitoes | mp3

shout out to the world : protect your babies

you’ll just be blazed

May 16th, 2006 < by Zoo >

dance party at my house.

Fuck James Monaco

May 15th, 2006 < by guava >

Pelican and Mono put me into a state of wonder. I want to remember every pang of bliss that occurred inside of me while the droneful sounds filled the Nanci Raygun in Richmond, VA. Japanese natives, Mono, trailed up to the stage first. The red lights in the venue made the female guitarist’s veins nearly translucent. She was incredible and looked at the audience maybe twice the entire set. The bassist, clad in a LSD Musician t-shirt, let his mop of hair devour his face while playing delicate melodies that never failed to add joy to the dank ambience of the building. I was experiencing truly distinct post rock at its finest. After running to and fro the ATM located across the river, I purchased what my credit debit would allow and returned with vindication to experience Pelican. As Pelican’s gloomy doom metal ignited, I thought I felt the cigarette-ridden concrete shift below my feet. Pangaea 06 was happening and at the moment I was engulfed by a wave of mind boggling, mind numbing…mind-fog. Do you get it? Magnificent. I don’t really understand either. So now I am going to go listen to my limited edition Mono New York Soundtracks LP while eating strawberries of all SHAPES and SIZES.

tripple threat

May 12th, 2006 < by guava >

welcome the pelican nebula

welcome baby bruno, the pelican

welcome pelican of chicago

I will return with words, empty coke-a cola bottles, and photos. GODSPEED!

Pelican | Last Day of Winter | mp3 (via

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